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Gulaal-First Look

gulaal21gulaal11Kick-Ass posters.
I think red in the poster represents the history of rajputs as well the present time, along with the lost pride.
AK has a knack of using the most artistic posters for his films.
I hope the movie gives the true picture of politics in Rajasthan and the role of rajputs in it.

For a movie that has been in the can for past two and half years it looks spectacular.Eagerly looking forward to the trailer.

The movie is set in futuristic Rajasthan in which democracy has failed, and royals have made it RAJPUTANA.


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Ghajini-Questioning Your Intelligence



I am suffering from short term memory loss I’ve completely forgotten what happened in last three hours, I am still regarding Aamir khan as the most cinematically intelligent actor who believes in good cinema. His record speaks for him- Acted ,produced and directed TZP, acted in RDB, DCH,Mangal Pandey, Sarfarosh etc,and who can forget Lagaan. But all the posters of Ghajini, all the reviews and all the promos of Ghajini are constantly reminding me of the pain and agony I endured when I watched Ghajini.

Movie starts with Jiah Khan discussing Aamir’s short term memory loss disease with a Doctor, Woosh Woosh Aamir’s entry  he beats the hell out of the bad guy Woosh Woosh bad guy retaliates Woosh Woosh Aamir takes a tap out from the washbasin and shoves it in the bad guy’s stomach. At this moment I half expected Aamir to open the tap and let the bad guy’s blood on the floor, but it did not happen. Aamir walks off the crime scene unscathed, unperturbed, don’t ask me how. Dead Body is discovered and a MAVERICK police Inspector visits the crime scene who swears to find the killer in 48 hours. He searches for evidence and after a thorough search of crime scene he finds the ALL IMPORTANT EVIDENCE ,a local bus ticket. Meanwhile Aamir comes back to his lair Woosh Woosh and dozes off. His house is filled with graffiti all over the walls because it reminds him of his aim. Aamir wakes up Woosh Woosh goes to bathroom looking confused Woosh Woosh takes his shirt off Woosh Woosh sees tattoos remembers everything and screams Woosh Woosh.

NOTE:Woosh Woosh here is nothing but the sound effects we here when the camera comes into focus or operates in multiple frames.

The MAVERICK inspector traces the bus ticket back to Aamir and goes to catch him. Aamir gets readyWoosh Woosh and boards the bus. MAVERICK misses him but chases the bus, he runs faster than the bus and suddenly himself becomes the bus. Oops sorry too much imagination!! He catches the bus BUT Toinks! Aamir is not there. Aamir goes to his Doctor meets Jiah Khan comes back to his house and works on a plan to find and kill Ghajini. MAVERICK finds Aamir and comes to his flat creeps up from behind and hits Aamir on the head ties him and searches for evidence. He finds a diary which tells him that Aamir was once a very handsome business tycoon who folded sleeves of his half shirts and loved a struggling model. Aamir’s lovelife comes into focus how he fell in love with the do-gooder, messiah of the poor and the disabled ASIN. Love comes into picture by mistaken identities and what follows is THE GREAT LOVE STORY OF Aamir and Asin spiced with two songs. Which I think were described WORD TO WORD and STEP TO STEP in the diary. MAVERICK then finds the other diary, but Aamir is back to his senses, breaks his bonds and beats the hell out of MAVERICK. Aamir then finds Ghajini in Jiah Khan’s college function and tries to kill him but kills one of Ghajini’s men.

TRIVIA:The stage of Jiah khan’s college had the property of transforming itself into big Hi-tech dance floor whenever Jiah Khan performed on it.

Jiah Khan visits Aamir’s house rescues MAVERICK is chased by Aamir but escapes, goes to Ghajini tells him Aamir is after him. Meanwhile, MAVERICK is  dead in a road accident when chased by Aamir and Ghajini is killing all his enemies. Woosh Woosh Ghajini goes to kill Aamir Woosh Woosh Aamir goes to kill Ghajini. Phone rings in Ghajini’s house Aamir picks it up Jiah is on the phone and Aamir knows that Jiah has betrayed him. He goes to Jiah’s hostel instead climbs three stories of pipe and tries to kill Jiah through the window. Jiah gets him caught. In police station police calls all the numbers tattooed on Aamir’s body to identify him. They call Ghajini who comes to Police Station. Aamir is bailed by his manager. Ghajini decides that killing Aamir would not be ‘SAFE’, so he wipes all Aamir’s memory out by destroying his photographs and other notes and wiping out his Tattoos. Making Aamir ‘JUST LIKE A VEGETABLE’  in words of The GREAT GHAJINI.

Meanwhile Jiah Khan reads Aamir’s diaries and discovers that Asin had sacrificed her Ambassador for LOVE which solidifies Asin’s claim for Goddess of love and sacrifice. Jiah strives for more truth as diary was incomplete we come to know how Asin became Savior of the girls in a KIDNEY RACKET due to which Ghajini kills her and leaves Aamir with a scar. Yeah! Ghajini was involved in it don’t you already know that Ghajini is the quintessential villian. Jiah realises her mistakes goes to Aamir brings his memory back takes him to Ghajini’s lair on her MAGNIFICENT SCOOTY.

After that Aamir is Juggernaut Woosh Woosh bashing up goons , throwing men 20 feet away, making heads turn 360 degrees with one punch(literally) and in the process not getting hurt. Ghajini manages to hold him off a wee-bit by putting an iron bar in his stomach, but power of love propels Aamir into killing Ghajini. Aamir grows hair becomes sober opens an orphanage and lives on and on and on…….. and yes no police case for all the bashing.

TRIVIA: Local mobsters in Mumbai doon’t even carry a local pistol let alone an AK-47.

I think it was three months ago when Aamir announced that Ghajini is totally different from Memento (I have not seen tamil Ghajini), I was very relieved. But now I think that he should have copied Memento at least the movie would have been good.

So, don’t remember Dec 25 and don’t forgive Aamir Khan.

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Emotoinal Atyachar-The Extended Look

The extended look of this great Dev.D song, its melodious the lyrics are profound and ‘PATNA KE PRESLEYS’ just rock.

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Dilli 6:Official Teaser

Great Teaser gives just the right glimpses of the film, the camerawork is great and the Nostalgic music makes it even more interesting. Eagerly waiting for the trailer and music.

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Dev.D – The Release Poster


It is one of the best posters.
It shows how protagonist’s body is turning into wasp through the attractive lips and the shades are making him blind but are reflecting his personality to others. At least that’s what I perceive from it.

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Dev.D:Theatrical Trailer-Tera Emotional Atyachar

The maverick is back with his new offering and this time he digs deep into Indian literature and comes up with the most popular novel of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. This is Anurag Kashyap’s take on the novel which was considered by Sarat Chandra as his worst work but became legend with the tide of time. The movie promises to be different from the previous 15 movie versions of the novel. In it Abhay Deol plays the title role of Cocaine sniffing, foul mouthed, self destructive modern Dev. The trailer takes the imagination of viewer deep into the foray of European cinema as the ‘BAND’ music provides the Indian effect.

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Fashion-Faltering Ramp Walk

Hard-Hitting reality, lots of research, quirky one liners, tongue-in-cheek humour, well defined characters, actors surpassing their abilities and…….National Awards. This is a description of a usual Madhur Bhandarkar movie.  But Fashion one of his most eagerly awaited movies ever sadly falls short in many of these provinces. At least its very sad for me a loyal fan of Bhandarkar cinema. I always knew Bhandarkar was not a great storyteller, but he puts his research to good effect in the movies and transforms a very ordinary story on a strong subject into one of the best movies of Indian Cinema. This time too he took an ordinary story with a strong subject but transformation was not great, it looks as though much was lost in translation.

Movie begins with an impressive credit sequence, as the audience is sucked into the dark world of fashion by Madhur Bhandarkar. But from first scene itself the movie takes a plunge as a very weak confrontation between a strict father and free daughter takes place in the backdrop of Chandigarh. The daughter portayed by the elegant and sexy Priyanka Chopra locates to the ‘City Of Dreams’ Mumbai pursuing her dreams. Mumbai is shown from the viewpoint of an aspiring model, the artificially lighted dark alleys, the gay designers , the plastic models and the Moghuls of industry are introduced. As our protagonist moves from audition to audition guided by the awfully harsh voice of Chitrashi Rawat(Komal Chautala of Chak de). You feel sleepy as Madhur Bhandarkar’s usual characters appear and makes the movie crawl. All thees characters are very self indulgent and come from previous Bhandarkar efforts. Priyanka Chopra holds her own as her charcter progresses from a small town girl to a glamorized Mumbai girl. Kangna Ranaut’s character a supermodel goes deep into the labyrinth of Fashion as she shows the ugly province of a Famed State. Mugdha Godse shows great wit and puts life into the film as the not so successful model. Film proceeds with the protagonist doing LIngerie ads due to scarcity of money, you don’t feel sorry for her. She leaves her Uncle’s house to settle with her Boyfriend, oh! did I forgot to introduce his character? He’s the lone ranger of morals in the World pof Fashion, who is not ready to ‘adjust’ with the designers. The Fashion Moghul then gets Priyanka a big show, a spat with designer gets her thrown out of the show. From this point onwards the movie brightens as the Moghul takes it on his ego and makes Priyanka the supermodel replacing Kangana Ranaut. Priyanka’s character reaches another level as the self praising, self indulgent model. She leaves her Boyfriend and takes the dark road to success.

Second half begins with Priyanka Chopra showing the traits of the supermodel with glittering shows and dazzling costumes.  Kangana’s character descends into madness as Coke and other drugs gets better of her. The famous gay designer played by Sameer Soni is shown in a new light as he marries Mugdha Godse to please his Mum and the society. She agrees to keep her life safe, world of compromises expands. Priyanka pleases the Moghul played by Arbaaz Khan. Then comes the bomb as Kangna Ranaut falls victim to wardrobe malfunction and Priyanka Chopra dubs is as publicity stunt showing her supermodel ways. Priyanka gets pregnant with Arbaaz’s child and goes into depression after abortion, as her contract makes sure that she cannot have a child. The dark side of fame is portrayed to perfection as Priyanka is booked for drunken driving splashing her on every new channel and newspaper.  She enters a rift with Arbaaz and she is replaced by someone else. The depression era continues and a brown sugar night with a Black makes her trace back her steps to Chandigarh. She fights her depression and comes back to Mumbai. In Mumbai she is helped by some old friends including Sameer Soni and Mugdha Godse. Trauma of past gets better of her as she freezes on the ramp. Then she finds out about Kangana’s condition and brings her home. She looks after her and reagins her confidence. Last sequence of the film mesmerizes the audience as a disraught Priyanka hears the news of death of Kangana on phone, just before her turn on the ramp and as friends urge her on the audience wait for the Finale, she looks distraught but finally descends into hell as artificial reality is imposedon the scree.

Acting wise Priyanka Chopra gets all the accolades as the model, she plays the multilyerd character to perfection, another revelation in the movie is Harsh Chhaya who plays the character with ease and a certain panache. Kangana Ranaut is passable, she really needs to modulate her voice. Rest of the cast Mugdha Godse, Samir Soni, Arbaaz Khan played their character well. The flaw of the movie lay in the storyline as it was not engagging enough for the audience. The subject was not close to audience as we all know very less abut the subject. The direction is good but the subject and storyline and subject prevents it from being a great film. All in all Fashion is informative and well acted but it fails to strike a chord in the hearts of people. It is a movie for Bhandarkar loyals and fashion related people not for everyone else.

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Aamir-The Chosen One

I was curious about this movie from the outset. First because of the fact that Anurag Kashyap was involved in this project and secondly because UTV spot boy was producing it, UTV spot boy is the only production house which has the brains to recognize a good filmmaker and has the guts to give him a chance. Now back to the film it was marketed with a good strategy and its trailers even made buzz in the unintelligible crowd. So I was expecting some crowd to turn up in the hometown of the lead actor on a saturday evening. But when I entered the hall I saw about 15-20 people there,some of them were couples who just bought the ticket to have some time in private,others were those people who did’nt get the ticket of the ‘big movie’ running in the next screen, remaining 3 or 4 persons were people like me who were genuinely excited about the film. I tried to show my ticket to the ticket checker but he told me to sit anywhere in the hall. So I took a seat in the middle in the upper rows where I was not intruding the privacy of kissing couples and where I was not flanked by people just trying to make comments on the movie without understanding what was going on.

The movie began with sleepy Rajeev Khandelwal in the plane, it was the only time he was seen resting. The racist factor was addressed quickly in the beginnning through a customs clearing scene. The traits of the lead character were very visible from the first scene itself an innocent man with an ambition in his heart. What follows the customs scene is one of the finest movies in recent times. Aamir’s family is held in ransom by an unknown man who is controlling him like a puppet and makes him visit the most filthy areas of Mumbai. All his actions are being controlled on phone by the voice of Gajraj Rao who sounds grim, malicious and dominating. His voice and and action make a persona so impeccable that only Marlon Brando as Col. Kurtz be scarier. He is there with a purpose, which is to bring Aamir to his knees so that he can realize how the ground looks like. For that he makes Aamir run through the whole city from roadside restaurants to cheap lodges, from the chals which give the impression of holocaust to the mutton market which shows the mental condition of the protagonist as he sees himself as the goat being cut into pieces. He perfectly plays the role of the Muslim jehadi who wants other people to fight the war with him sitting down and living his own life lavishly.

Rajeev Khandelwal who portrays Aamir is nothing short of outstanding. He adapts to the different shdes of the character with ease he is as convincing in the shade of happy London return Doctor in high spirits as he is in the shade of down and out Aamir thanking a prostitute who helped him. His eyes speaks more than his actions.He is the only actor in our country who in beggining of his career was a charming chocolaty T.V star but soon transformed himself into an accomplished actor. Aamir was the first step of the actual actor outside the television cradle but it is more than the giant leaps of other ‘STARS’. But he has one lackuna that is his voice which he needs to modulate a bit.

Other actors too have done their job perfectly although they are very few and each of them has a very small role but they all are pivotal to the movie. You cannot forget the shrilling laugh of the prostitute or the limp in the walk of the langda man or the joke between the two men in the lodge. The music is simply great with every song played in the movie act as narrator describing the scene. The mixture of hindustani music and western beats gives you a great album with ‘Mehfuz’ being the standout song. Lyrics too are great and though I am not a person who believes in fate, the lyrics about fate and destiny mesmerized me. But above all the man who deserves the most applause for his efforts is the director Rajkumar Gupta. He dared in the time of cinema crisis in India he assisted Anurag Kashyap in his experimental ‘No Smoking’ . He paved his way to the top and when the chance came he struck bull’s eye, movie’s direction is magnificient it was shot on real locations and it was big task to shoot on the over crowded areas. But he climbed the rocky heights of moviemaking to emerge as the conquerer. The camera work is beautiful and the use of metaphorical and interpretive scenes takes the movie in a different league. These scenes gives a poetic feel to the movie, especially the one with the monkey toy. The whole team of Aamir deserves to be congratulated on this effort.


And as shown in the movie where Aamir wrote his destiny himself, in film industry team of Aamir has written its own destiny.

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Taare Zameen Par-Poetic Excellence


There was one question that was probing me again and again on my way back home from the cinema hall?????????????
When we can make such good movies with such good scripts then why the hell do we rely on bull shit subjects like reincarnation into same body or mob marriage or three men handling a baby or saving the art theatre or why do we rip hollywood sports movie scripts or why do we try to make bad singers actors.
The reason is belief.It is belief that many filmakers don’t have and it was belief that I think Amol Gupte had when he wrote the script,it was belief that Aamir Khan had when he started a film about a Dyslexic boy in which he himself appeared after half the film that too in a country where people want to see stars rather than movies.Yes, I think it was quintessentially belief not the towering persona not the bankable name and not even the dream of bringing the ever eluding Oscar home that enabled him to make this masterpiece.He had the belief in himself that I can.
The movie moves in a very poetic fashion describing the child,his surroundings,his life,his interests,his little problems.The first scene in the movie describes the life of ‘Ishan’ at his home the water in the gutter is his world he is the lone fish,his life though still but very dynamic he fights teachers,resists the boys who try to bully him and tries to find his own world by roaming the streets as if they were his.He is unacceptable in his living world,no one understands him thats why his best friends are dogs and fishes,his mother loves him but even she do’nt understand him. This is one situation which everyone of us faces in our lives sooner or later and the way we handle this situation determines our fate.By the time Ishan goes to hostel you become Ishan you cry when his mother leaves with tears in her eyes,you feel the pain when teacher beats him,you feel dejected when his parents don’t come on sunday and you feel confused when he is not able to solve questions.Then you are relieved when Aamir Khan comes and blooms in his unimitable style as RamShankar Nikumbh he bonds with the boy he opens many doors to a whole new world and he reaches new heights of acting when he tells the boy’s Father about “caring for your child” the end is great where free thinking triumphs and you feel you have won.
The cinematography is excellent specially the scene where Aamir Khan puts the boat made by the dyslexic boy in front of the photo of his mother and father who never helped another Dyslexic boy.All actors have delievered their best performances till date and that includes Aamir Khan too but Darsheel Safary steals the show even from Aamir Khan and Aamir Khan has let him grow even the name of the boy appears ahead of Aamir Khan in credits.The music is simply awesome to say the least the songs describe the thoughts of the characters again in a very poetic manner and the song “O meri maa” is the best song this year.After watching this excellent feature made for audiences of every cateogary and realizing what Amol Gupte and Aamir Khan have done this quote from Million Dollar Baby came to my mind
“Winners are willing to do what losers won’t.”

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