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What It Takes To Be An Atheist

Some Days ago I went to this book fair organized by some local newspaper. As
expected it contained a lot of cheap paperbacks & religious books .But in that pile of trash I found this curious little book.

“Why I am an Atheist” by Bhagat Singh



Bhagat Singh,an Atheist???????????

This may come as a surprise to many of you.This tarnishes the image of revolutionaries that we have in our mind . We believe all revolutionaries to be believers of God talking about Harmony between people of different religions. But here I had this book in my hand where a revolutionary talks about Atheism. So out of mere curiosity I bought it.

It contained only two works of Bhagat Singh the others were destroyed by the britishers. One was an article about “Why I Am An Atheist” which Bhagat Singh wrote in jail it was smuggled out by his father and the other was an introduction to a collection of poetry called ‘Dreamland’ written by RamSaran Das a fellow revolutionary of Bhagat Singh.
The book unfolds like a onion, multiple layers and each layer having a different taste. It starts with some random thoughts of Bhagat Singh, his fellow revolutionaries accusing him of being arrogant and proudy as he did not believe in God.They thought it was Vanity that led to the birth of ‘Atheist Bhagat Singh’. Here Bhagat Singh Explains the true meaning of Atheist, he says Atheism does not because of vanity. A person having undue pride can never be an Aheist as he either believes ‘God’ to be his rival or he sees himself as ‘God’.In both cases he does’nt deny the very existence of a Supreme power. From here on the writer moves on giving names of revolutionaries being Atheists Trotsky,Lenin,Bakumin,Marx in that I add some more Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez.The writer became an Atheist at a very early age but he did’nt realise untill his first arrest which was in Lahore in may 1927. He describes the experience as calming and soothing because he feared nothing not even God. This enabled him to go into those realms of thoughts which were rarely visited by other men.He questioned his faith and reached a conclusion that there is no God no omnipotent.Why?He explains it in his own fashion.Suppose if there is a God an omnipotent an omniscient then what got into him that he created this world no one can give him the order. Ok,if he created the world then why did he differentiated between animals and human being for that case between two human beings.If he is omnipotent and everything is in his control then why he lets people suffer . Here according to him the abrahmic religions loose their logic and as for hindus who cites previous birth karma as the cause of sufferings,his answer to that is that biggest sin of a man is being poor,if a man is poor he is shunned by one and all,but is it what he chose no it was given to him by god(if you still believe in him). At the end he explains origin of life with The Darwin Theory. Bhagat Singh actually solved those queries which we all have in mind but we are too chicken hearted to say them aloud, he channelized his thoughts to make India a better place, his thoughts were to bring a soicialist government in India. But he was like many voices silenced by the Britishers and now we are silencing his voice by electing capitalists who call him A Terrorist[As written in Govt. Approved I.C.S.E 6th Standard social science book page 64 & 65].He at very early age showed us the power of thoughts, now it is up to us either to ‘Go With The Flow’ or Change The Flow.


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