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Sadism: The driving force of life

Sadism was coined by Marquis de Sade a 18th century French writer. Traditionally it is “the pleasure extracted out of inflicting pain and humiliation on another person”. It used to represent pleasure extracted out of certain sexual activities.  But nowadays it has transcended these words. It has expanded its branches to each and every aspect of human social  life. For some it is a way of the life, as they pounce on every opportunity and extract sadistic pleasure out of it.  Some people take it as humorous entity and experiment it on some hapless but deserving creatures. Then there are people like me who are made to embrace it. This compulsion is put on people like me when they leave home to study or work in a different city. The new setting imposes a new rulebook of life upon us. The rulebook has only one Dog’s rule in it: Be the prop of a Comedian or be the Comedian himself.  I chose the latter option or rather I sanitized my personality to become one. Then on life was good, making fun of other people became a part of everyday routine. Although I was at the receiving sometimes but I found a solution to that problem too. I started making fun of myself and ganged up with friends to make fun of others. The idea behind that was not to get singled out. Gradually it became a habit and I started poking fun at everybody involved in my life, which constituted: my mum, any relatives, any girls who were my friends or for that sake any random person I met.My Father was never a part of it, I never irritated him because he would have stopped giving pocket money to me.  So, this holy force is now driving my life. In my quest to attain divinity by this force, I experienced its many forms. Some of which I am going to illustrate.

  • The first form is when you do it on the face. Meaning you have the power to put the other person into misery and he can’t retort back. I was on the receiving end of such a force. It was during my train journey from Bombay to Jaipur. I woke up at 5 a.m in the morning to take leak. After relieving my self, I found me appreciating the Weather. Little droplets of rain were coming down steadily, Sun was about to rise so the sky had a tinge of Orange. I had an impulse to smoke. First let me clarify you that I am not a regular smoker, but the day before for some reason I had bought a Cigarette. I sat on the seat for T.T.E  near the door, it is a provision in very few sleeper compartment and I was lucky that I had a reservation in one of them. I was absorbing the the beauty of nature with each drag, then in the middle of my second drag I was tapped on the shoulder. I turned around to see the towering figure of a T.T.E, he took the Cigarette from my stunned figure and pointed to a sign. The words on that sign were immediately tattooed on my forehead, Rs.100 fine for smoking. I had to cough up 50 rupees for the T.T.E. Deprived of the Cigarette I stared at the now, Melancholic sites. Suddenly I saw smoke drifting by my window, vengeance flared up inside me. If I can’t smoke I won’t let others smoke too, I thought as I covered the distance in four strides. I was petrified by what I saw there, the T.T.E was leaning casually on the door and smoking my Cigarette. He turned around in an offhand manner and stared at me like a King who has spotted an oddity in his chamber.
  • The second form is when a person is not an accomplice in the act , but he is the only one who knows about its consequences and enjoys them. I along with few friends was on the receiving end of such a sting. We went to dine in a Restaurant,  which was relatively unknown to us. A friend had recommended it, so we went there and ordered two Chicken dishes. The waiter took the order gleefully and brought it in 15 mins. The food didn’t look great, but hunger got the better of us and we  started wolfing it down. After eating one Chapati, the hunger subsided a bit and we came to realize the fact that both the gravys  were the same and tasted awful. One more chapati and we got up cursing the food and  the blasphemous hotel owner.  We paid the bill and were leaving the place when out of the corner of my eye I saw the Waiter who was cleaning our table, smile. I immediately turned around and addressed his departing back, “Oi, what is so amusing that you are smiling.” ” No, sir I am not.” He replied.” Then turn around and face us.” I bellowed. Slowly, he wheeled around to reveal a  weird smile on his face that said,” I am sorry” as well as “HOW ABOUT THAT .”
  • The third form is bit complicated. In it the person on the receiving end thinks the other is extracting sadistic pleasure out of him, but the other person doesn’t have that intention. I will explain it Metaphorically. I have a friend who is an evil powerful man, say like Ra’s aL ghul from Batman. He has an ultimate power called ‘Chadar’ which according to legend can destroy any living creature. He has a rival, who doesn’t know about the rivalry. Now, during our office days, my friend decided to seal the fate of his rival, with the use of ‘Chadar’. We feared that the demise of the rival was near. But the next day every thing changed and my friend had acute Diarrhea. We came to know that his rival was alright. Cursing his fate my friend was popping pill after pill. Then his phone rang, it was the rival who in a concerned voice asked about his well being. But for some weird reason, we had a picture of his with an evil smile imprinted in our mind.
  • The fourth type is when a person pleasures himself on the pains of others, while suffering himself too.  One of my friends is an apt example of it. He is a person who was the most irregular in attending College.  We used to call him ‘The Man’.Many motivational talks on regularity were conducted by College, a ’tile experiment’ was a part of it. Many people became emotional, decided to mend their ways. Although, the emotions lasted for a few days only but some where in their conscience they had guilt. This did not have an effect on any of us friends specially on ‘The Man’. He was always unperturbed by authority. He used to  play games on his handset while in an addressal. He was fined several times for absenteeism. Every time he paid the fine he used to say,”Bhai ab to regular rehna hi padega, its high time now. Ab kal se to hum pukka college aayenge.” But , next day his absence used to greet us. Recently the authority decided to put a leash on us ‘Vagabonds,’ by imposing heavy fines on absentees. It straightened me and my friends out. But ‘The Man’ remained impervious to it all. Furious management called an addressal. ‘The Man’ had some signs of anxiety on his face as we entered the hall. But, as soon as the authority figure entered, the anxiety vanished to be replaced by a smile on his face and glint in the eye.

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  1. Quite an articulate person u have turned out to be. Your observation is immaculate. I should have followed your blog more regularly.

    I would just like to add that another type of sadism is the one used by a teacher to teach his student. I will explain it . well metaphorically !

    A mathematics teacher knows that his student has immense talent and only his fear to think out of box is hindering him. SO he says – ” Here is this number theory problem for you – u prove it else u don’t get ur PhD”. The problem is tough and the students knows with his current capability he cannot solve it. But then his entire career is at stake. he goes mad, he is driven up the wall. But then one day, in a moment of epiphany, he sees the solution !

    Comment by Sambitesh | July 29, 2010 | Reply

  2. Your blog is really good Devendra. I was unaware of Sadism at all. Thanks for sharing such detailed and substantial observation.

    Comment by Sugandha | July 30, 2010 | Reply

  3. hey nice to read these lines….all this will intact memories we shared together. But lemme tel you first, The Man is still unperturbed with the fine and angry management. This time he took a 10 day long break. when he came back he said ” Bhai thoda guilt feeling ho raha hai..iss baar thoda lamba chutti ho gaya….lekink kal se mein regular aaungaa. That ‘KAL’ has still not come

    Comment by aditya | August 5, 2010 | Reply

  4. @ Aditya…… that KAL will never come, we know that. But I don’t know why he thinks he can be regular ‘ever’. Irregularity hasn’t even affected his placements.

    Comment by requiemofthought | August 5, 2010 | Reply

  5. Your writing has evolved a lot.
    can there be more to this?

    Comment by Anirudh | August 6, 2010 | Reply

  6. @ Anirudh… thanx. There can be more, these thoughts just were sitting on the top of my mind.

    Comment by requiemofthought | August 6, 2010 | Reply

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