I Can See The Future

The deepest secrets of the Eye and its beholder

Golden Corridors and Stone Walls

Strike’em hard they are coming at you,
they have glinting blows to get them through.

What makes you think they are treacherous fools,
don’t they know I’m the king of this zoo.

I’ve been through there present and your past,
they’ll make you flee and you’ll be an outcast.

My fleets are strong, they’ll them see through,
but when I’m done with them,I’ll deal with you.

Traveler shook his head, vanished from the sight,
soon the hands with drinks were engulfed by night.

Fed on vermin banished from the sight,
the dark night made him remember the light.

Strike’em hard they are coming at you,
they have glinting blows to get them through.

He scratched the walls as echoes hit his head,
moonlight struck him sharp on the stone bed.


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Aamir-The Chosen One

I was curious about this movie from the outset. First because of the fact that Anurag Kashyap was involved in this project and secondly because UTV spot boy was producing it, UTV spot boy is the only production house which has the brains to recognize a good filmmaker and has the guts to give him a chance. Now back to the film it was marketed with a good strategy and its trailers even made buzz in the unintelligible crowd. So I was expecting some crowd to turn up in the hometown of the lead actor on a saturday evening. But when I entered the hall I saw about 15-20 people there,some of them were couples who just bought the ticket to have some time in private,others were those people who did’nt get the ticket of the ‘big movie’ running in the next screen, remaining 3 or 4 persons were people like me who were genuinely excited about the film. I tried to show my ticket to the ticket checker but he told me to sit anywhere in the hall. So I took a seat in the middle in the upper rows where I was not intruding the privacy of kissing couples and where I was not flanked by people just trying to make comments on the movie without understanding what was going on.

The movie began with sleepy Rajeev Khandelwal in the plane, it was the only time he was seen resting. The racist factor was addressed quickly in the beginnning through a customs clearing scene. The traits of the lead character were very visible from the first scene itself an innocent man with an ambition in his heart. What follows the customs scene is one of the finest movies in recent times. Aamir’s family is held in ransom by an unknown man who is controlling him like a puppet and makes him visit the most filthy areas of Mumbai. All his actions are being controlled on phone by the voice of Gajraj Rao who sounds grim, malicious and dominating. His voice and and action make a persona so impeccable that only Marlon Brando as Col. Kurtz be scarier. He is there with a purpose, which is to bring Aamir to his knees so that he can realize how the ground looks like. For that he makes Aamir run through the whole city from roadside restaurants to cheap lodges, from the chals which give the impression of holocaust to the mutton market which shows the mental condition of the protagonist as he sees himself as the goat being cut into pieces. He perfectly plays the role of the Muslim jehadi who wants other people to fight the war with him sitting down and living his own life lavishly.

Rajeev Khandelwal who portrays Aamir is nothing short of outstanding. He adapts to the different shdes of the character with ease he is as convincing in the shade of happy London return Doctor in high spirits as he is in the shade of down and out Aamir thanking a prostitute who helped him. His eyes speaks more than his actions.He is the only actor in our country who in beggining of his career was a charming chocolaty T.V star but soon transformed himself into an accomplished actor. Aamir was the first step of the actual actor outside the television cradle but it is more than the giant leaps of other ‘STARS’. But he has one lackuna that is his voice which he needs to modulate a bit.

Other actors too have done their job perfectly although they are very few and each of them has a very small role but they all are pivotal to the movie. You cannot forget the shrilling laugh of the prostitute or the limp in the walk of the langda man or the joke between the two men in the lodge. The music is simply great with every song played in the movie act as narrator describing the scene. The mixture of hindustani music and western beats gives you a great album with ‘Mehfuz’ being the standout song. Lyrics too are great and though I am not a person who believes in fate, the lyrics about fate and destiny mesmerized me. But above all the man who deserves the most applause for his efforts is the director Rajkumar Gupta. He dared in the time of cinema crisis in India he assisted Anurag Kashyap in his experimental ‘No Smoking’ . He paved his way to the top and when the chance came he struck bull’s eye, movie’s direction is magnificient it was shot on real locations and it was big task to shoot on the over crowded areas. But he climbed the rocky heights of moviemaking to emerge as the conquerer. The camera work is beautiful and the use of metaphorical and interpretive scenes takes the movie in a different league. These scenes gives a poetic feel to the movie, especially the one with the monkey toy. The whole team of Aamir deserves to be congratulated on this effort.


And as shown in the movie where Aamir wrote his destiny himself, in film industry team of Aamir has written its own destiny.

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