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Get Back


This was a plea from the fans to their beloved ‘The Beatles’ as the rock n roll music era came to an end, making way to the hippy cultured, hard hitting ‘Rock’. ‘Let It Be’ was the response to that plea , considered by many critics as the worst effort by the band, dubbed as discreet and soulless by reviewers but the album was a runaway hit with 4x platinum certification in U.S. It was the last effort by the band to sort out their differences so everybody tried their level best(except Lennon) they even climbed the top of Apple Studios but there was too much talent personified in the form of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr that it became difficult for ‘The Beatles’ to hold them together.

Like their previous efforts in this album too the band displays their wide array of music as they keep on experimenting, ‘Two Of Us’ is played on acoustic guitar with deliberate rock touch, Ringo Starr’s light bass drumming and Harrison’s bass adds to this magnificent road song by the duo of Lennon-McCartney . ‘Dig A Pony’ begins with a rock riff but soon it becomes a soft song with very ambiguous lyrics, which sometimes tell you about Lennon wanting his love and sometimes to see beyond the obvious. ‘Across The Universe’ is the most poetic song of The Beatles, it has a clear influence of their trip to India. The lyrics were literally visualized by Lennon in it abstract concepts are reified by phrases.

‘I Me Mine’ is a Harrison composition and more than just points to his interest in Hindu Mythology. The title itself comes from the Bhagvad Gita 2:71-72, the song describes selfishness of ‘Man’ and has blues riffs to support the notion, Lennon didn’t participate in the recording as he had already quit the band. ‘Dig It’ is a 51 second excerpt from one of the songs of Let It Be/Get Back sessions. ‘Let It Be’ is gospel-ish song with a great rock solo by Harrison. This is McCartney’s best creation till date and one of the finest ballads ever. ‘Maggie Mae’ is one of the traditional Liverpool songs. It is played in harmonica in such a way that you can hear each and every word sung by every singer.

‘ I’ve Got A Feeling’ to me is ‘The Beatles’ describing life in their own manner. It is two songs strung together as one. One part perceived by McCartney describes the brighter side in McCartney’s rock n roll cum rock style where as the other part perceived by Lennon describes the darker side in Lennon’s slow,soft and longing style. ‘One After 909’ is a unique blend early Beatles and the more mature Beatles. It has a simple 12 bar structure with rock riffs being played throughout the song. ‘Long And Winding Road’ is the saddest song by the band,not just because of the lyrics but due to the fact that it was the last nail in the coffin that had ‘The Beatles break up’ written all over it. This song’s overdubbing by Phil Specter got McCartney angry became the last reason in the series of reasons that led to the break up of the band. ‘For You Blue’ is Harrison in his own unique style binding blues music with romantic lyrics. Lennon plays a solo with lap steel guitar with shotgun shell to add ambiguity to the song. ‘ Get Back’ recorded on the Rooftop is one of the harder rocking songs of McCartney. It has simple but hard hitting lyrics dealing with issues such as immigration and racism. The now famous lines at the end of the song as the band winds up the song by Lennon is the most appropriate end to the sweeping, mesmerizing,rocking,controversial and sometimes mythical rock n roll, Roller Coaster ride called ‘The Beatles’.

“I’d like to say thank you on behalf of the group and ourselves, and I hope we passed the audition”.


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