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Taare Zameen Par-Poetic Excellence


There was one question that was probing me again and again on my way back home from the cinema hall?????????????
When we can make such good movies with such good scripts then why the hell do we rely on bull shit subjects like reincarnation into same body or mob marriage or three men handling a baby or saving the art theatre or why do we rip hollywood sports movie scripts or why do we try to make bad singers actors.
The reason is belief.It is belief that many filmakers don’t have and it was belief that I think Amol Gupte had when he wrote the script,it was belief that Aamir Khan had when he started a film about a Dyslexic boy in which he himself appeared after half the film that too in a country where people want to see stars rather than movies.Yes, I think it was quintessentially belief not the towering persona not the bankable name and not even the dream of bringing the ever eluding Oscar home that enabled him to make this masterpiece.He had the belief in himself that I can.
The movie moves in a very poetic fashion describing the child,his surroundings,his life,his interests,his little problems.The first scene in the movie describes the life of ‘Ishan’ at his home the water in the gutter is his world he is the lone fish,his life though still but very dynamic he fights teachers,resists the boys who try to bully him and tries to find his own world by roaming the streets as if they were his.He is unacceptable in his living world,no one understands him thats why his best friends are dogs and fishes,his mother loves him but even she do’nt understand him. This is one situation which everyone of us faces in our lives sooner or later and the way we handle this situation determines our fate.By the time Ishan goes to hostel you become Ishan you cry when his mother leaves with tears in her eyes,you feel the pain when teacher beats him,you feel dejected when his parents don’t come on sunday and you feel confused when he is not able to solve questions.Then you are relieved when Aamir Khan comes and blooms in his unimitable style as RamShankar Nikumbh he bonds with the boy he opens many doors to a whole new world and he reaches new heights of acting when he tells the boy’s Father about “caring for your child” the end is great where free thinking triumphs and you feel you have won.
The cinematography is excellent specially the scene where Aamir Khan puts the boat made by the dyslexic boy in front of the photo of his mother and father who never helped another Dyslexic boy.All actors have delievered their best performances till date and that includes Aamir Khan too but Darsheel Safary steals the show even from Aamir Khan and Aamir Khan has let him grow even the name of the boy appears ahead of Aamir Khan in credits.The music is simply awesome to say the least the songs describe the thoughts of the characters again in a very poetic manner and the song “O meri maa” is the best song this year.After watching this excellent feature made for audiences of every cateogary and realizing what Amol Gupte and Aamir Khan have done this quote from Million Dollar Baby came to my mind
“Winners are willing to do what losers won’t.”


January 1, 2008 - Posted by | Movie Reviews


  1. Well,the writer has effectively pointed out the very basic reason of this repititiveness in the bollywood movies.Indeed,there is no dearth of ideas.The thing that is lacking in the contemporary film-makers is beleif.
    I really appreciate the way the writer has looked at the movie Taarey Zameen Par.
    Amol Gupte has really blazed a trail by going off the track and coming out wid an awsum movie.

    Comment by Sumeet Gupta | January 25, 2008 | Reply

  2. Trivia>>Ram Shankar Nikumbh is the name of the late art teacher of Amol Gupte.

    TZP indeed is a cinematic experience par excellence.What really made this movie different was ……

    >>Great music ….. no item numbers,just appropriate soundtrack,totally in sync with the story line.Hardly any Bollywood movie can boast of it.

    >>Total focus on the script.Actors acted to according to the storyline’s demand.

    >>Awesome camera work.I recently watched Jab we met.The camera work was shitty.So is the case with most bollwood movies.Camera just focus on actor’s face while they deliver dialogue or it just u know concentrates on their assets he he he.

    Comment by Sambitesh | January 28, 2008 | Reply

  3. Amole Gupta and Aamir khan deserve the kind of applause they were given…infact more if you’d ask me…truly a masterpiece…

    Comment by isra | September 13, 2008 | Reply

  4. Well to comment on a debut is usually so easy. There was a stage in bollywood where people even if they post letters or rather directions to the director they wont take a good film and to see it grow from that gutter of masala’s to the shade of class is truly commentable. But the highly commentable fact is that these changes were not brought by the existing directors who with their typical bollywood themes disagree to get out of chairs, but by the new comers. New comers in the field of direction is an essential movement that should be charged on. Both the films, Amir and Tare Zameen Par, show the content of classy film making which typical bollywood lack. Though amir is not a new comer in the field of film industry, he is certainly on in the director’s costume. The remarkable thing about thare zameen par is that there is not even a single scene in which we can see the lack of experience in both these films.

    I am wishing these directors a very good luck in the future and hoping from the society that it give some class directors who instead of mashing potatoes be creative in what they do.

    Once again Hats off to you Amir and Amir.

    Comment by Bellari | September 21, 2008 | Reply

  5. I am studying this movie and need the Script.

    Comment by shakila | June 27, 2009 | Reply

  6. I am studying this movie for a Masrers in Apllied Languages. I need the script to analyse specifically contexts for which English is used. Can anyone help.

    Comment by shakila | July 22, 2009 | Reply

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