I Can See The Future

The deepest secrets of the Eye and its beholder

The Silent Observer

Blood being spilled for apiece of land,
destroying their paradise with their own hand.
Looking at each other with utmost hate,
not thinking about actions that are destroying their fate.
Sowing guns as the seeds,
reaping bombs from Saffron fields.
Sitting in midst of this war,
trapped like a fly in a jar.
When people ask me what am I doing,
I say I am silently observing.

Provoked on name of religion,
loosing the power to reason.
Opening their arms to hail the red dawn,
in th e process ignoring the bloody Sun.
The roads being bombed by the tanks,
innocent people dying on the flank.
Breaking into his own home to do the theft,
now chaos is all but left.
Doing nothing to manage the situation,
I am just silently observing the poisonous potion.

Death coming from all the directions,
their country being cut into sections.
Hooded beasts ruling their land,
saying they are doing it for them.
Slip of character due to oil,
sowing seeds on other man’s soil
Making their life hell,
ghost is creating riots from its shell.
What am I doing for my kin,
I am silently observing flask of all the man’s sin.


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An Unfathomable Question

What is life? To me life has always been a wild goose. I have been chasing it since my childhood but still haven’t found a trace of it. It has always been a thing lying on the horizon, the more I chase it the more distant it appears. But in my quest to find or a more apt word should be to discover life , I have been to many places. Though in reality there are not many places I have been , but is the physical form only way to travel, can’t you travel through your mind. I have traveled through my mind, I have been to the weirdest of places I have been to the lush green prairies, to the deepest of oceans, to the darkest of dungeons, to the tallest of mountains. Everywhere I saw a different form of life in practice. But none I saw satisfied me. I saw life in forms of Ants who work tirelessly in summer to store food for winter but again collect food in winters, I saw life in form of birds who fly away from scarecrow not because they fear it but because its a game which amuses them,thus giving up their food for the sake of amusement, I saw life in form of beggars who go here and there and beg just to get one time’s meal but instead of eating they waste their earning to loose their senses. I saw life in the form of dogs who lick their master’s feet only to get a bone thrown for their food but instead of eating it they store it in a pit, I saw life in the form of a female snake who with all her love gives birth to many children but eat them when she’s hungry, then I saw life in form of an ordinary human being doing all the hard work for a piece of paper known as money which he will discard after some time like he discarded old copper coins. So the question that still stands like an unconquerable state is “What is life?” Food, amusement, greatness, happiness, children,work, money or ……………………………………………………………………



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