I Can See The Future

The deepest secrets of the Eye and its beholder

Property Of Chameleon

Let me begin with an incident of my life. It was the day when my grandfather’s younger brother died, he had some property but had no heir. So while his wife and other ladies were lamenting on his death, the question among all his relatives was to whom the torch of fire will be handed over in order to cremate his body meaning who will be the heir to his property. That was the day when I saw greed in the most expressionless eyes. All the myths and respects broke like a mirror which presented everyone as an Angel. That day I saw the hunger of a materialistic thing in most ancient of eyes. I understood the true nature of The Man. We are no different from a Chameleon who changes its color to save
his skin,in my view we the so called greatest creation God are worse than the stinking Reptile who changes color to save its own skin.


A Man can change color for the slightest of his gains.We call the gain ours. We call everything ours land,power, food, gain, loss, joy,sorrow. But nothing is ours even our body belongs to the Earth from which it was generated and where it will ultimately disintegrate. We laugh for something which is not ours, we cry for something which is not ours,we fight over something which is not ours, we die for something which is not ours. So what is ours, what is our purpose of coming to this mortal world? The answer is our thoughts. Our thoughts never die,even when our bones will be decomposed by a small microorganism, even when the car we drive will become an ancient artifact. Our thoughts never die they live on, that is what in religions is known as Spirit. We live on through our thoughts. We can change the whole perspective of this mortal world, given we convey our thoughts to others.


March 21, 2007 - Posted by | Random Thoughts

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